• Newclears start in Spring, Nine Dragons Lake
    Newclears start in Spring, Nine Dragons Lake Apr 01,2021
    Newclears Spring hiking, Nine Dragons Lake, April 29th, 2020 After the Covid-19 under control, to cherry up the status of our team, NEWCLEARS president Mr Wang and general manager Mr Lin decided to send our management team to have a 4-day-long holiday to "Nine Dragons Lake". After about 3 hours of driving, we finally arrived at the lake area, but haven't seen where is dragons? In the beginning, the tourist guide organizes us to play a team game, called rabbits and tree hole. Someone afraid that, someone enjoyed this game. So exciting! This game requires that 3 people as a group, one be rabbit and two should make a tree hole by hand in hand, like the picture. The total amount is always one people more than a multiple of 3. The one who is left should be punished by singing songs, play a poem, sharing a joke, etc. Afterwards, we go to visit the lake, it has nine dragon statue around the lake. Honestly speaking, those are pretty ordinary. However, boating with colleagues is really fun! We even started a boating race by uneven rowing ability. I should tell you, they really rabbits on land. Haha. The best part we expect to have a portion of authentic gourmet food, after all, boating consumes a lot of energy. However, we don't know why the foods are cold and salty. The tourist said the chefs haven't come back from home town because of the restriction of Covid-19. Thanks to these not tasty foods, we can share the complaint together. But we still feel happy we can finish the food together. After charged with foods, we went to 2 km hiking through the drawbridge, forest, glass bridge to the mountain top. And come down by cableway, somebody afraid that to give up to turn back on foot. It is not a perfect trip however we cherish its unperfect and normal life. After the Covid-19, we well aware the safety and normal is not an of course, it comes from so many people's effort. Today, we are happy Newclears team still can talk with our customers and do some help with disposable masks and hygiene products to do a small contribution against this fight.
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