Best alternatives to wet wipes: the eco-friendly options you need to know about Mar 18, 2021
Best alternatives to wet wipes: the eco-friendly options you need to know about

Wet wipes, paper towels and makeup removing cloths might be convenient cleaners in a pinch, but their daily impact on the environment is longstanding and far-reaching. For years people slept soundly, unaware of the beast lurking beneath them, until recent years when it was revealed what was stalking our waterways.

Fatbergs- masses of discarded rubbish and pollution, some the size of football fields, have been found clogging up the sewage systems all over the city, growing in the years city dwellers have spent unwittingly pouring and flushing away rubbish with wet wipes being one of the biggest contributors.

This, amongst other environmental crises, has led to the government’s crack down on single use plastics, which are wreaking havoc on the environment. Thanks to their largely non-biodegradable composition and the 100 years it takes them to decompose, many of us are seeking eco-friendly alternatives to removing our makeup, wiping down our countertops and cleaning up little ones’ messes. From reusable cloths to cleaning sprays and biodegradable wipes, there are a number of eco-friendly companies catering to these growing environmental needs.

Following wipes and compressed towels are made from 100% plant-based fiber so you don’t have to worry about unwanted chemicals finding their way onto your baby’s skin.

Many standard wipes often contain polyester but the Newclears alternative is made from bamboo fiber and 100% biodegradable. Suitable from birth, alcohol free, fragrance free and naturally anti bacterial.

Degradation time: 3-6months after composting

These tiny and easy carry compressed towels are perfect for household, office, hotel, restaurant, travel, sports, picnic, party etc. Made from organic, sustainably sourced cotton fiber, 100% biodegradable, alcohol free, natural and free of chemical stuff.
Degradation time: 3-6months after composting
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