Correct use and selection of disposable menstrual protective underwear Jul 12, 2021
The importance of Disposable Menstrual Protective underwear for women

Statistical data show that in the department of gynaecology outpatient clinic patients, there are 3%-5% of the patients are caused by the improper use of sanitary napkin. So, female friends must be correct use underwear and choose a good quality underwear or period pants.
Women have a unique physiological structure, its opening in front of the urethral opening, the back of the anus, such a structure makes the female reproductive system is particularly vulnerable to the invasion of external pathogenic agents, especially during menstruation.

The resistance of reproductive organs decreases during menstruation, and menstrual blood is a good medium for bacterial reproduction, so the correct use of underwear or period pants during menstruation is very important.

Disposable Menstrual Protective Underwear

Correct use of underwear :
1. Wash hands before use

Before using underwear or period pants, we must develop the habit of washing hands. If our hands are not clean, a large number of germs will be brought to the underwear or period pants through the process of unpacking, opening, smoothing and pasting, thus causing bacterial infection.

2. Use medical or scented underwear with caution
Different types of drugs, fragrances or additives are added to underwear or period pants with caution, and these additives may be the main cause of skin allergies.

Sterilization may disrupt the normal microbiota environment, making it easier for bacteria to grow.If there are breakages in the skin, these allergens can also leak into the bloodstream and cause allergic diseases in tissues and organs other than the genitourinary system. Women with allergic constitution should be used with caution especially.

3. Pay attention to the frequency of replacement
Pubic skin is very delicate, it needs a very breathable environment, if closed too tightly, moisture accumulation, it is easy to breed germs, causing a variety of health problems.

Sanitary napkins should be determined according to the number of days and the amount of blood.Menstrual blood is the most in the 2 days before menstruation. It is recommended to change it every 2 hours during the day. Underwear or period pants can be used at night to prevent side leakage and stuffiness.3 to 4 days after the blood volume decreases, it is recommended to replace every 3 to 4 hours;Arrived the 5th day, the blood volume has been very few, at this time the proposal changes sanitary pad, but still want to change frequently, in order to maintain the dry private place.

4. Preservation of underwear

underwear or period pants stored for a long time or damp, storage environment air is not smooth, high temperature and humidity, even if not unsealed will deteriorate, pollution, leading to bacterial breeding.If you can not run out can be put in a small cotton bag to save it, go out to need to carry the best special storage, do not mix with the cosmetics in the bag. Personal hygiene should also pay special attention to wear cotton underwear as far as possible, and change every day.

Underwear for women

How to choose anf buy underwear:
1. Look at the production date
Mainly see the production date of underwear or period pants, shelf life, expired underwear or period pants quality is very difficult to ensure that the best to buy and use.
2. Choose the brand
When buying underwear or period pants, we must choose the brand underwear or period pants produced by regular manufacturers, understand the control situation of its health indicators, whether it is safe and clean, and do not buy some underwear or period pants in bulk and broken packaging for cheap.

3.Choose what's right for you

Be sure to choose the right one for yourself. This is very important. Different specifications of sanitary napkins, underwear and period pants should be selected at different periods of time, such as large amount of menstruation, small amount, daytime and night.

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