Elder Care Products(Adult Diapers, Disposable Protective Underwear and Absorbent Pads)- Rapidly Developing Market May 06, 2021

Elder Care Products(Adult Diapers, Disposable Protective Underwear and Absorbent Pads)- Rapidly Developing Market

Nowadays one of the most important world tendencies is aging of population. Naturally more and more elder care products, facilities and spaces occur. Among them adult diapers, disposable protective underwear and absorbent pads are frequently asked. According to Euromonitor in the passed 10 years the trading amount of these three items has been doubled, over 9billion US dollar and increased up 9% in 2019. What’s more, it tends to grow even faster in next decade.

However, there are many people not very certain for which product they shall choose. Regarding incontinence products main types are tape adult diaper, protective underwear and under pad. Disposable pull-up panties are more suitable for mobile patients, fit body shape better; stick-up tape diaper is made for the bed-ridden, convenient for nurse or family to wear and change, generally available. Under pad is mainly used as bed cover to avoid slight leakage.

Newclears is able to produce all three above mentioned items with ISO, CE, FDA and get reorder monthly from USA, UK, Canada, Australia etc.

Newclears adult diaper:
(A). Cloth-like back sheet provides a discreet garment-like natural feel
(B). Maximum absorbency to 6000ml and resealable tabs for an optimal fit
(C). Super absorbent polymer locks in fluid and stops odor
(D). Moisture alert wetness indicator shows when diaper has been soiled

Newclears disposable protective underwear:
(A). Extra absorbent with polymer to lock in wetness and reduce odor
(B). Pull-on style with tear-away side seams allow for easy removal
(C). Full-rise waist panel provide a snug fit, latex free
(D). Super soft top sheet absorbs fluids quickly, helps your skin stay dry, comfortable and healthy
Wholesale Disposable Ladies Period PantsNewclears underpad:
(A). Waterproof blue backing
(B). Bed pad with absorbent core, protect bed and linen
(C). No leak, sealed edges, just like hospital chucks
Adult Underpads,Disposable Underpads

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