How do incontinence pull up pants/protective underwear work? Jul 12, 2021

Disposable incontinence pull up pants or protective underwear are worn instead of normal under panties. The key material is SAP, super absorbent polymer, to absorb and retain liquid, avoid leakage. SAP mix fluff pulp which can absorb large quantity of urine rapidly and turn into gel, lock fluids in the core and away from skin even under pressure. It brings dry and comfortable feeling which means the health of your intimate skin is protected and maintained.


Newclears disposable incontinence pull up protective underwear are also easy to pull on and take off. Wear it like underwear and tearing both sides to remove. They also have 360°full surrounded elastic waistband which helps to fit body shape better, quite a good choice for mobile users.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or a woman, or what level of protection you require, there is an incontinence pant to fit your unique needs. Various specifications for you to pick the one that suits you best.


Incontinence pants by Newclears are disposable, meaning that you shall dispose them in proper way! It would be much better that remove feces from pants to closestool first, then dispose the used diaper into bin after wrapping.

Do not drop into toilet bowel directly which could cause blockages. Be clean and hygienic, beautify the environment.


Are you interested in Newclears incontinence pants or other products? Find out more by searching the site which suits your needs best.

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