How to choose a correct adult diaper - Disposable adult diapers May 25, 2021

Disposable adult diapers, also called “adult briefs”, help the incontinence and caregivers to manage incontinence in daily life. These products are a tool to help keep symptoms from interfering with one’s daily life. There are some tips for users to choose a correct adult diaper in plenty of incontinence supplies.

 Disposable adult diapers

1. Size

At first, you need to measure the weight and height of an individual to find the perfect size. Wearing the wrong size can cause major urine leakage problem and feel uncomfortable. Below is the size chart for your reference to match a right size

2. Absorbency for Different Time

At a different time of one day, the users can use the adult diapers with different absorbency to make them more comfortable and save money. In the day time, you can use a less absorbency and lower price adult diaper if your caregiver is always available. Once you have an idea of how much or how often you leak, you will get an idea of whether you need a heavy-duty one or a lighter one, there are light absorbency and overnight absorbency you can choose base on the situation.

3. Breathable & Material

It is better to choose breathable adult diapers, the backsheet is more ventilated, which help to reduce the risk of diaper rash. You can check if the adult diaper has enough fluff pulp and SAP by weighing them. Usually, an excellent adult diaper is not less than 90 gram each pcs, and it is better between 90-150 gram. Too light will cause leakage and too heavy will waste the space and heavy moisture for the users.

4. Leakage proof system

It is not wise for people to choose an adult diaper without side leg cuffs. The leg cuffs with the main absorbent body will create 3D space to hold the urine. It is recommended to choose the 2-taped adult diaper or underwear style adult diaper, which can fit the user’s body perfectly. In this way, the adult diaper can perform leakage proof effectively.

Newlcears Adult Diaper

Newclears has 2 main kind of adult diapers including pull up adult diaper and tapes style adult diaper. If you are interested in, you can visit our website for more details. OEM and ODM are welcome!

pull up adult diaper

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