How to choose wet wipes correctly? May 31, 2021

Living standards are getting better and better. Wet wipes are already an indispensable and important product in our lives. Follow us to see how to choose wet wipes and how to use them correctly.

The correct method of choosing Organic baby wet wipes:

1. Choose a reliable brand when buying

When buying, try to choose products from regular manufacturers with complete product information and good reputation. Wet wipes contain a large amount of liquid and are easy to breed bacteria. Therefore, the production process is relatively strict. In regular manufacturers, production personnel perform ozone disinfection on the air in the workshop to ensure that the wet wipes are not contaminated by bacteria in the air during production.

2. Choose carefully when using wet wipes for foaming

If the hand after wiping the wet wipes foams when rinsed with water, it means that the wet wipes may contain a lot of additives. It is recommended to buy with caution; put the wipes on the nose and smell them lightly. Inferior wipes can smell the obvious Pungent odor, and the high-quality wet wipes exude a soft and elegant taste.

Purified Water baby wet wipes

Correct use of wet wipes:

1. Do not rub your eyes directly

Do not directly rub the eyes, middle ear and mucous membranes. If you experience redness, swelling, itching and other symptoms after use, you should stop using it immediately.

2. Not reusable

It is recommended to change a paper towel every time you wipe a new surface. Studies have shown that when wet paper towels are reused, not only can they not remove bacteria, but some surviving bacteria can even be transferred to uncontaminated surfaces.

3. It is recommended to use it up within ten days after opening.

The opened wet wipe packaging should be sealed when not in use to prevent the growth of bacteria. In order to prevent the wet wipes from exceeding the microbial limit after opening, consumers should choose the appropriate packaging according to their usual usage when buying wet wipes.

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