How To Train Your Puppy To Use A Pee Pad? Apr 19, 2021

How To Train Your Puppy To Use A Pee Pad?
1.Why need to train your pet to use a pee pad?
Many pet owner are worry about their little”Child”pooing and urinating all around the house, when raining day can’t take out their puppy outside. Some of them are immobile might unable to take their pet outside often enough for the pet to eliminate. Moreover, pet also have some reason that older pets who might not make it outside may find their last years easier using a pee pad. Small breed puppy are often taught to use pee pads because the outdoor elements may be difficult for them to handle as the seasons change.
So it is very importand to train your puppy using a pee pad. Let our house getting neat and clean.

2. How to train your pet to using pad?
Getting Started
Pee pads
Treats for rewards
Time with the dog to encourage eliminating every hour or two
Step 1: Preparing
Place pee pads across the entire floor of a small room. When possible, use a hard surface floor instead of carpet.
Step2: Set Up Command
As your puppy is learning to use the pee pads, place him in the room with a “potty” command or “pads”

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Step3: Get Familar
Each time when you visit the room with your pupy, observe him or her sniff around without allowing him or her to play. Remember not to play with your puppy when you are potty training it so that it can better understand what you want it to do.

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Once the dog eliminates or pee, use the command word again and offer your dog a treat with his favorite snacks.

Step5: Timing
When you training, make sure to visit the room frequently.Better ten minutes after eating or drinking water, visit the training pads room with your dog, repeating the steps above.

Step6: Monitoring and reinforce
Pay highly attention on your dog as he trains to use the pee pads. Reward for positive behaviors and redirect if he has an accident elsewhere.

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Step7:Keep going

Keep actively practing until your puppy could go into room by itself to eliminate.

Step8: Reducing
When your pet learns what the pads are for, you can reduce some pads and keep only what you need in that room instead of covering the entire floor.

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