Tips for changing a newborn baby's diaper Jun 28, 2021

Most newborns need 10 to 15 times diaper changes per day

Here are some more tips for diapering your newborn:

Here are more tips for changing your newborn:

1.It is necessary to wash your hands before and after each change.
2.Place your baby on a flat, safe surface, for example, on the floor with soft pad or a diaper table with a side bar.
3.Keep one hand on your baby at all times. Never leave a baby unattended, even for a second!
4.Wipe the diaper area with a warm wet towel or a fragrant-free diaper wipes. Pat dry the area or let the area air dry.
5.Do not use cornstarch or powder. Spraying a mouthful of powder near the face or nostrils can cause suffocation and difficulty breathing.
6.Babies walk around, so please keep creams, pins, etc. out of reach. A toy to play with when changing a baby's diaper.
7.Keep the skin dry by changing diapers as soon as they are wet or soiled.

Changing a baby boy's diaper is slightly different from changing a baby girl's:

When changing and cleaning baby boys:
Do not pull the foreskin back when cleaning the penis. Thoroughly wash the area and clean from front to back.
Before securing the diaper, make sure the baby's penis is facing down to prevent urine from running down the front of the diaper.
When changing and cleaning baby girls:
Always wipe from front to back to prevent bacteria from entering her urethra from her stool.
Gently clean between the outer labia folds.No need to clean the inside of the vagina.

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