What are disposable incontinence sheets/under pads? Jul 19, 2021
Disposable incontinence sheets or under pads offer multi-layered, highly absorbent protection for your bed or other furniture from urinary incontinence. Normally you shall place it centrally on your bed sheet. For securer fastening you can even choose the pads with back release paper.
Although there are available with washable, reusable designs, Newclears’ incontinence under pads are disposable. It means if you have experienced a leakage during night, then you better replace it with new one. This is not only a more hygienic option, but a fresh one-use sheet is also more absorbent and able to cover larger leaks better.

There are various dimensions for Newclears disposable incontinence under pads which could fit beds, chairs, car seats or a wheelchair perfectly and different situations.

disposable incontinence pads

Newclears disposable incontinence pads is 5-layer structure:
1.Soft non-woven fabric with rhombic embossing
2.Upper tissue paper, prevent liquid from flowing back and keep top sheet dry
3.Core: fluff pulp mixed SAP(Super absorbent polymer), absorb the fluids quickly, turn urine into gel, retain for long-lasting dryness
4.Bottom tissue paper layer for extra absorbency
5.PE waterproof back film, prevent bed from being dirty and wet

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