What are the advantages of disposable bamboo baby diapers? May 17, 2021

Organic Natural Material, Skin-friendly

Disposable bamboo baby diaper is made of made of naturally grown bamboo, which no chemicals or pesticides used, the bamboo fibers are incredibly soft to the touch. The bamboo fibers is hypoallergenic and suit for sensitive skin, which can reduce the risk of annoying rash.

Disposable bamboo baby diaper

Easy changing and disposal

Disposable bamboo diapers are not like cloth diapers spend you much for laundry. For different stage, the consumption different and huge, you can see diapers consumption of a baby is 10-12 pcs each day for before 1 months, 8-10pcs each day when 1-5 months, 7-8pcs each day when 5-9months, 6-7pcs each day when 9-12 months. Laundry not only make you exhausting and the cloth can not perfect clean after washing, and the cloth diaper is much wet than disposable bamboo diapers after baby pee.

The disposable bamboo diaper is not only biodegradable but disposable for convenient baby care. It is easy to fit to the baby belly with 2 tapes combine with the high stretchy back waistband. The design makes the baby feel cosy and snug. At the same time, the high 3D leg cuffs prevent side leakage effectively. Bamboo fabric is a bit like cotton cloth, but it has a special lustre, a bit like silk, super soft.

Environment Friendly

Parents who are concerned about the environment may opt for organic diaper options, meaning they are made from plant-based materials. These parents may be motivated by the fact that disposable bamboo baby diapers end up in landfills.

Aimisin bamboo baby diapers are on average more than 60 % of diaper will degrade in only 75 days. Regular disposable diapers take about 500 years to decompose—that’s a big carbon footprint.

Affortable Price

Because the nature of disposable bamboo diapers is higher quality, non-irritating, and eco-friendly materials. The organic bamboo material decide the price can not be low level than the non-woven fabric baby diaper. But the mature technical and stable materil pipelines must keep the price stable and affortable.

Bamboo baby diaper

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