What is adult diapers | china hygiene products Manufacturer Mar 18, 2021
What is adult diapers | china hygiene products Manufacturer

Many people is afraid that incontinence will bring fear and embarrassment to their lives, even to keep their from living the lives they want to live. It keeps them from friends, family and the activities they enjoy.

Don’t worry, unless you're wearing yoga pants, there's absolutely no way anyone would notice you're wearing "underwear" that's a little bit thicker than the usual kind.

Adult diaper can be necessary for adults with various conditions, such as incontinence, mobility impairment, severe diarrhea or dementia. Super absorbent polymer is primarily used to absorb bodily wastes and liquids. Alternative terms such as "briefs" or "incontinence products" are also used.

Our factory is specialized in producing disposable adult diaper for 10 years with OEM & ODM service and certified with CE, FDA, ISO.

The features 1-4 are only the basic features. You can add 5-8 features to make your own diaper more premium.
1. Hydrophilic Top Sheet , soft non woven fabric.
2. Absorption Core-fluff pulp + SAP depend on your budget.
3. Water Proof Layer, It prevents the leakage from the bottom of the diaper.
4. Closure System, magic hook or PP tape allow for secure refastening and adjust.
5. Anti-Leak Leg Cuff, good performance of protecting from leaking
6. Acquisition Diffusion Layer (ADL), distribution Layer speed up absorbing Keep surface dry.
7. Elastic Waist, band for a snug and secure fit.
8. Wetness Indicator, its color will be change when it is time to change.It is easy for tender to take care.

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