What's most important quality of OEM diaper manufacturer? Jul 26, 2021
1. Creative design team

As a brand-oriented company, it is always hoped that the products designed by manufacturers can meet the aesthetics of consumers in the local market, and at the same time conform to the temperament and purpose of their own enterprises. An excellent design team is fully understanding the requirements of customers, combining local life, culture, and customs to design creative and beautiful products and packaging. At the same time, it is necessary to consider whether the design is implemented in the production process to avoid defective products. The Newclears design team, composed of designers with 12+ years of design experience, has rich experience in designing OEM diapers, underpads, pet pads and wet wipes, familiar with the production process, and able to design beautiful and practical products and packaging.

2. Service staff who are good at communication

Communication is also a cost. A sales service person who does not understand products, processes, and lacks foreign language skills may require you to spend twice or even more time to let them understand your needs, and at the same time they cannot give you professional advice and guidance, maybe even because non-realize of the process without discovering your mistakes in time, so causing losses. Such a situation will not appear in the Newclears sales and service team. Newclears has a complete service personnel management system. All sales staff are undergraduates, familiar with English, and have good reading and writing skills. All sales staff have regular training, new and old partners, and mature internal communication. They can quickly answer customer questions, confirm fast customer requirements, and make professional suggestions.

3. Experienced production management personnel

Experienced manufacturers can save you unnecessary trouble. Experience cannot be obtained through theory. It is accumulated through mistakes and lessons. Newclears has 10-20 years of experience in production management personnel and passed the ISO9001:2015 quality management system. The production management personnel have rich experience in machine operation for OEM production of adult diapers, baby diapers, underpads, and wet tissues, and understand the relationship between materials and equipment , prevent possible production problems, and use the ability to solve the temporary situation well, ensure smooth production, high productivity, and low scrap rate, which not only saves costs for customers, but also stabilizes product quality.

4. Advanced and stable machine

Continuously improved machines that keep pace with the times ensure that the product structure can better solve the user's problems and provide a better user experience. Newclears has 2 OEM baby diaper production equipment, 2 baby pull-up pants production equipment, 4 trousers production equipment, 2 full-strength production equipment, 3 underpads production equipment, and is constantly updating and introducing new ones every year. This allows us to have an advanced structure of panties-style baby diapers, which are more comfortable without side leakage. Advanced equipment and stable production equipment, improved production efficiency, cost savings, so we can provide customers with more favorable prices.

From design, service, and production, Newclears takes the interests of customers as the center, takes the customer's market as the design goal, supports customers' continuous sales with stable quality, and develops sales more worry-free. This is a reassuring cooperation and a guaranteed cooperation! Newclears opens the OEM brand journey for you!

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