How To Choosing The Right Product For Incontinence? Apr 26, 2021

How To Choosing The Right Product For Incontinence?

Did you know that 75% of people suffer from one or more symptoms of incontinence?So Choosing the right adult tape-type diaper,Disposable UnderPads
, adult pull-ups diaper is very important as the user’s comfort will depend on it.
Effective adult incontinence products help the users to maintain a cheerful and active lifestyle with confidence and grace.It’s time to get out of these awkward moments to regain your confidence.
How to select one good one for your needs?
In current market , the most top3 types of incontience products for men and women are:

1.Tape-type adult brief
Newclears adult diaper are made of soft vegan cotton,which import from USA ensures great absorbency and soft on the skin,it made with comfortable and ultra breathable masterial could ensures long-lasting freshness. Newclears adult diaper are fitted with an easy fasten tape could easy to adjust the diaper to right place according waist size. With Japanese Top1 super-absorbent polymer could ensures fast absorption and long time dryness even for overnight.

Best Tapes adult diapers

2.Adult pull-ups diaper

As adult pull-ups diaper it looks more like ordinary underwear than any other incontinence products.Newclears adult pull-ups diaper are made of soft and high strength Lycra spanex for the waist, so it could well fit in each one’s body shape.The waterproof fibrous cloth base and an internal absorbent containing a gel that keeps the underwear dry. Underwear design could easy to rear off, it is a great help for incontinence with moderate leaks or who is bedridden.

quickly absorbing pant type adult diaper

3.Disposable UnderPads

Disposable underpads often used in beds, cradles, wheelchairs, benches, and other furniture to protect against damage or stains from urine or feces.Newclears underpadsare ideal as an additional bed protection while changing the absorbent product or during body care. Newclears underpads ensure:

●comfort of use (soft and comfortable top hypoallergenic non-woven layer),
●protection against leakage
●keeping the underpad in place (outer layer of impermeable anti-slide foil)

disposable adult underpads

A well selected product not only provides everyday comfort, but also helps to avoid unnecessary costs.If you have any question or need  need assistance for yourself or a loved one  could feel free to contact:  Tel: 0086-17350035603

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