Newclears Chaoshan Journey, 21th May, 2021 May 31, 2021

In order to adjust work pressure, create a working atmosphere of passion, responsibility, and happiness, so that everyone can be better involved in the next work.

The company specially organized and arranged the "Chaoshan Journey" team building activity, aimed at enriching the spare time of employees, further strengthening team cohesion, enhancing the unity and cooperation ability between teams, and better serving customers. On the morning of 21th May, facing the warm sunshine, we took the company's special car to Chaozhou, "the seaside city of Zou Lu and the hometown of delicious food". It takes about three hours to drive, but singing, playing games and laughing all the way, it seems doesn't take long to get there.

After lunch, head to Nan 'ao Island, named by National Geographic magazine as "the most beautiful island in Guangdong". Of course we should take pictures of such a beautiful scene.

Then visit the Tropic of Cancer Signature Tower, which is about 225 meters long. From west to east, the scenic spots are the front square, such as green lawn and the main scenic spots. The Tropic of Cancer Signature Tower, with blue sky and clear sea, green island, golden sand and white waves, is the main color of South Australia's eco-tourism.Under the tower we had a group photo employees are dressed in uniform gray work clothes, neat and uniform, or very imposing.

To Chaoshan will have to eat beef hot pot here, dinner arrangements for local beef hot pot, really super taste, without saying much, please see the following picture (and a hearty lunch), I hope your mouth isn't watering.

We also visited the Han Wenggong Temple, Tai Buddha Hall, Ming and Qing Memorial Archway Street, not a single introduction, please see the following picture.

This is a leisure trip, very relaxed, the unity was very smooth, everyone had a good time, enhance the unity and cooperation between the team, better service to customers.

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