Newclears' first Live stream achieve a complete success! Jul 26, 2021

As a new effective channel for sales, Live stream provides a platform for the Newclears team to have closer face-to-face contact with customers, allowing customers to better understand our OEM customization ability and product quality. After half a month of preparation, the Newclears team ushered in our first live sales for custom baby diapers.

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The time is set on July 23, Friday at 7 pm, London time at 11 pm, and US Eastern time at 7 am. Three products are mainly recommended and introduced, super-core baby diaper, swimming baby diaper, bamboo baby diaper. Structure display, function display, water absorption evaluation, detailed introduction of OEM customized baby diapers, and answers to questions from live audiences.

Futhermore, we set up a lottery, order to USD10,000, USD150 for free and order to USD10,000, USD500 for free; If you send us secret signal!

In this live stream process, we strive to fully demonstrate the comfort, water absorption, and dryness of the super-core baby diapers, so that customers can experience the excellent quality of the product more three-dimensionally. At the same time, it demonstrates the waterproofness and softness of swimming diapers. The last is organic bamboo diaper, which is famed with environmental quality.

Here is a brief introduction to the super-core baby diapers. The biggest feature of this product is ultra-thin and super absorption. The thickness of 2mm is as thin as ordinary panties, but it can absorb 500-800ml. This is also our main product, with stable orders, welcome new and old customers to repurchase. For any custom requirements, please contact us.

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As a new product we launched this time, swimming diapers are mainly for 1-2 year old babies to use when swimming. This diaper is waterproof and has legs around the barrier. It is not easy to leak when the baby moves. At the same time, the diaper will not swell. Good to isolate the direct contact between ass and water.

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The last product is bamboo baby diaper, which has great features of newclears bamboo diapers:

(1) 100% bamboo diaper fiber topsheet and backsheet, eco-friendly and less risk for sensitive skin
(2) 360-degree leakage protection with unique triple leg-cuffs and stretchy waistband
(3) 30% higher than competitor's absorbency with USA fluff pulp and Japanese SAP
(4) 55-70% of the whole diaper can be biodegraded, which is the top ratio in this industry

The first attempt was led by the operation director and manager. The anchor has a excellent  and professional show. All assistant made great efforts.

The cooperation of the other members of the team was a brave attempt. Our team has accumulated valuable experience. I hope that we can do better next time and increase customer satisfaction. In the way to obtain more understanding about our team and our products from our customers!

Next live stream show is at 8:00 pm, on July 30th, Beijing time. We invite you to, search supplier name Newclearsto see our live. See you then!

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