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In people with urinary incontinence, they sometimes experience skin irritation on the buttocks, pelvis, rectum, and areas around the external genitalia. No circulation due to excess moisture. Symptoms such as redness, peeling, and bacterial infection may occur. Adult towels may irritate the skin and cause irritation. So pre-moistened adult wipes are recommended to keep skin clean and dry.

adult wipes

Select Wipes – Newclears Wipes
Finding a wet wipe…sturdy…not easy to tear…not too dry…for people with sensitive skin…may be hard. There may be many brands to choose from, but few offer all of these features and more, but our newclears bamboo wipes do it all.
Users tell us they have a hard time finding pre-moistened wipes that are strong enough and soft enough for them and their baby. So Newclears launched quilted baby wipes, sold in retail stores and online, and added larger adult-sized wipes and heavier cleaning supplies.

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main feature
Newclears wipes are soft, odorless, non-irritating and alcohol free. Additional benefits include:

Heavy Duty – Tear Resistant

Quilting – Clean Up Faster

Skin friendly – soft and gentle on the skin

Latex Free, Alcohol Free, Paraben Free


biodegradable wet wipes

Travel size or all inclusive?
Newclears wipes are available in convenient travel packs of 10, 48 or 80 count. Dispenses easily for quick cleanup. Consider cleansing wipes to help keep skin clean, moisturized, and provide greater coverage than typical store-bought wipes. Adult wipes save you money and time during the cleaning process. Their extra large size can cover any part of the body and is softer on the skin than toilet paper.

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Post time: Jan-23-2023