What trouble did adult diapers solve the old man?

Incontinence brings great pain and inconvenience to patients, which seriously affects the quality of life of patients. In particular, the elderly are slow in their actions, the ability of activity is weakened, and self -esteem after illness is susceptible to harm. It is prone to distrust and stubbornness in others. In severe cases, the emotions are low and anxious.

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In this regard, we must have more patience to stimulate the patient’s confidence in recovery with mild language and behavior, and choose a high quality adult diaper to solve the problems faced by the elderly.

What are the consequences of adult diapers that are not suitable for adult diapers.

Many of the family members of the incontinence have brought a lot of inconvenience to the lives of the elderly because they are not suitable. The following is the various problems faced by the incontinence after investigation:

1. Unconsciously turn over when you fall asleep, causing side leaks to soil.

2. Frequently changing diapers at night affects sleep time.

3. The diapers are too thick and the material is uncomfortable, which causes patients to be afraid of entering public places and bring embarrassment.

4. The smell of diapers is poor, and odor produces after incontinence.

So, how to choose the right adult disposable diapers?

1. Cotton soft skin: Because the diapers are worn, they must choose high quality and good materials so that the old people are comfortable to wear.

2. Instant drying and dryness: Choose adult diaper with fast water absorption and long howling, so as to reduce the penetration and make the skin more dry.

3. Light and breathable: The choice of adult diaper needs to be light and breathable to prevent too stuffy and damage the skin. It is more comfortable to wear, so that the elderly to go out.

4. Fresh flavor: Strong taste, keep fresh, make the incontinence more smooth.

At present, the products of the adult diaper market are uneven, and choice need to be cautious. As a professional disposable diapers leading supplier in China, Newclears is focusing on producing top-quality adult diapers, and besides of adult diapers, we produce adult diaper pants, incontinence underpads too.

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Post time: Nov-02-2022