• 2022 Chinese Lunar New Year
    2022 Chinese Lunar New Year Jan 20,2022
    Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year or Spring Festival.It is one of the most important holidays in China, and has strongly influenced Lunar New Year celebrations.The Chinese New Year is associated with several myths and customs. The festival was traditionally a time to honor deities as well as ancestors. Chinese New Year 2022 will fall on Tuesday, February 1st, 2022, beginning a year of the Tiger.  China's public holiday will be from January 31 to February 6, 2022. Also called: 'Spring Festival', Lunar New Year Chinese: 春节 Chūn Jié /chwn-jyeah/ 2022 date: Tuesday, Feb. 1st, Tiger Holiday: 7 days  Celebrations: New Year decorations, New Year's Eve dinner, firecrackers and fireworks, red envelopes, dragon dances
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  • Newclear office will be closed for Chinese New Year Holiday from Jan.26th to Feb.6th 2022
    Newclear office will be closed for Chinese New Year Holiday from Jan.26th to Feb.6th 2022 Jan 17,2022
    How do people celebrate Chinese New Year? The Chinese New Year  is also known as the Spring Festival . It is the most solemn festival of the year for every Chinese and has been celebrated in China for thousands of years, with various forms of activities among the diverse regions of China. The New Year celebration is centred around removing the bad and the old, and welcoming the new and the good. It's a time to worship ancestors, exorcise evil spirits and pray for good harvest. Today it's celebrated also by Chinese communities outside the country. Lion dance, dragon dance, temple fairs, flower market shopping and so on are just a few of these rich and colourful activities. In the run-up to the new year people will clean their houses to get rid of dirt, rubbish and other unwanted items. They will redecorate them with red couplets, lanterns, new flowerpots and furniture, and will shop for foodstuffs for banquet specialities. The New Year is an important family reunion occasion, so those who are living or working far away would return home prior to the holiday. In China this is now known as Chun Yun (春运 Moving in the Spring): tens of millions of people travel on the country's vast public transport systems or via private means, coming home to be with their loved ones. How do you celebrate Chinese New Year with friends and family? Decoration is a big part of Chinese New Year celebration. People spend substantial time and effort to uplift their houses and the immediate surroundings in order to welcome the Gods of Wealth . There are said to be two Gods of Wealth: one God of Civil  and one God of Military . People fix up paper-cuts  on windows and folk paintings on walls, hang red lanterns in and outside their houses, display couplets  on doors, hang a big Chinese character LUCK  on the main entrance and so on. What stories and myths are told on Chinese New Year? There are various mythical stories about the Chinese New Year, popular in different regions of the country. According to one story, once upon a time there was a world of ghosts. In it there was a mountain with a big peach tree expanding over a vast landscape. On top of this tree nestled a golden rooster. Each morning when the rooster crowed, all the ghosts would hurriedly return from their night out. At the entrance to the ghost world sat two Door Gods on each side of the gate. If a returning ghost was found to have done harm or evil the night before, it would be punished by the Door Gods. This is the origin of the couplets that people display during the Spring Festival: they are believed to have the power of stopping evils and bad luck. Another story tells of a unicorn beast in ancient times in China. The unicorn was called NIAN (年 Year in Chinese) and was fiercely aggressive. It lived on the sea bottom but would go ashore to loot livestock and hurt people.Every year when it was near the New Year's Eve the villagers, young and...
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  • Second Bomb! Christmas & New Year Big Deals!
    Second Bomb! Christmas & New Year Big Deals! Dec 30,2021
    In this holiday season, we all cheers to the Christmas and New Year. As a thank you for new customers supporting, big deals is ARRIVING. Pet under pad at low prices for the orders  palced from now to the end of Jan. Kick off 2022 with SMALL MOQ! COMPETITIVE PRICE! BULK GOODS can be shipped also! If you just have or may have any purchased order plan for Pet Under Pads. Then pls kindly hurry up to take this good opportunity , spend little money to test your market . Welcome for customized cargo orders as well, let us show you the prices with big surprise! If you just missing our Christmas big deals, don't worried! Please just catch up with the New Year's promotion! So, get it fast! 2、How to training your pet Training your pet is one of the most important things you can do for both the dog and yourself. 1. Please put the pad in the bedpan and put it in a fixed place; 2. If your pet starts sniffing around, bring your pet to your pad; 3. If the pet defecates in the place other than the pad, please reprimand and clean up, do not residual odor; 4. Reward your pet when he successfully relieves himself on the pad. 3. What to feed your dog It is likely that wherever you get your dog or puppy from, a pack of the food they are currently eating will be provided. Before continuing on with this food, the ingredients should be checked to make sure it is of good enough quality. When dogs eat high quality kibble, they eat less, poop less, and are all around much healthier! In order to choose a good food for your dog, you need to check the ingredients. The first ingredient should be some sort of meat, since dogs are carnivores (meat-eaters), such as beef or chicken, and not 'meal' as in 'beef meal' or 'chicken meal'. These are the by-products, heads, feet, bones, etc., that are left over from animals for human consumption and ground down and used for some dog foods. They are not as high quality, nor do they have as much nutritional value, as the meat itself. Other ingredients to avoid are grains, but especially corn as many dogs are allergic to it. Another option for feeding your dog is to feed a diet made up completely of raw meat. This is very natural for the dog, but must be researched well before deciding on any such diet. Once you have chosen a new type of dog food, if needed, you need to slowly introduce it into your dog's diet. A new dog food must be mixed with the old food, slowly adding more new and less old, over a period of around two weeks to ensure that the dog's stomach can handle the switch. Many dogs experience diarrhea from switching types of food too quickly.
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  • Chrismas giveback , repay your support - Newclears.com
    Chrismas giveback , repay your support - Newclears.com Dec 15,2021
    As the annual chrismas holiday  is coming soon , our company have some shop and company activities to repay the regular  and new customers for their support . 1.5% discount for the orders  palced in december Here come a big news , if your order is to 10,000 $, you will get 150$ for free , if your oder is to 30,000 $,you will get  500$ for free , the discount will be 1.5% discount. So if  you have any purchased order plan . pls kindly hurry up to take this good opportunity , a big amount can be saved if your order amout is large .or if you have any  future planned orders in the next years ,2022,  you can also advance your order procurement too.This shop activity is  applied on all our products include the baby diaper, baby pull up diaper, adult diaper, adult pull up diaper, under pad for puppies , baby , adult, wet wipes , female menstrual pants ect. 2.The precious gifts  repay to  the regular cutsomers . Since our company  doing busness for over 12+ years , we accumulate  a lot of customers who place orders regularly from us .In order to  repay their support ,  a series of gifts and presents have carefully  selected to them ,  like the silk painting,the big events memorials , chinese characters presents or the presents chosed based on the cutsomer's hobby. 3.The special greetings to customers. Our teams gradually begin to make the special electronic  card to the customers according to their hobbies. Even a simple a card, but with all our best wishes and  a lot of sincerety . Our team sincerely wish  all our customer a prosperous business,may  all your drems come true , may the happies, rich , health will around you and your family!
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  • How to Choose Adult Pull Up Pants?
    How to Choose Adult Pull Up Pants? Nov 01,2021
    Adult pull up pants provide professional leak-proof protection for people with different levels of incontinence, also call protective underwear. so that people suffering from urinary incontinence can enjoy a normal and energetic life. Because adult pull-on pants are easy to put on and take off like regular underwear, comfortable. There are more and more brands of pull up pants on the market, which is becoming more and more complicated, which brings a lot of confusion to the demanding crowd. Many people want to know how to choose adult pull-up pants? Let's take a look together below. Precautions for buying adult pull up pants  With the accelerated pace of life and work, relatives and have no enough time to take good care of bedridden elderly, people with incontinence, and mothers. In addition, free long-distance travelers and people who sit for a long time or working in protective clothing can use disposable adult underwears. Pull up pants are popular because they fit the body like panties, are easy to put on and take off, and have full elasticity. You don't have to worry about urine overflow and are easy to clean. In fact, to distinguish how to wear adult pull up pants is not only from the size considerations, but also from the product material, absorption, dryness, comfort, and leakage resistance. Of course, the material and comfort are factors that consumers must handle. The following introduces the precautions for wearing and removing pull up pants. First use both hands to gently spread the pull up pants, and put your left and right legs into the adult pull-up trousers in turn. Then gently lift the adult pull up pants upwards, preferably with the back slightly higher than the abdomen, so as to prevent urine from leaking from the back. Finally, you have to squeeze the leg opening along the inner thigh to prevent side leakage. This is a key step to prevent side leakage. Don't forget it. Many people think that when the adult pulls off the pants, just take it off like underwear. In fact, it is not the case. You should tear off the sides and remove it from the crotch to complete the removal, so that the urine on the adult pulls off pants will not be contaminated. On the body or clothes. Principles for choosing panty adult diaper To buy panty adult diaper depends on whether the part close to the skin is soft and comfortable, if not, it will hurt the user's skin; check whether the middle water-absorbing layer has sufficient polymer content, whether the water absorption is high, and whether the absorption back layer is dry; Whether the tailoring of the pull on pants is reasonable, whether to prevent side leakage, etc. First of all, a high-quality adult pull-up pants should be light, thin and close to the body. Newclears pull-up pants are made of imported fluff pulp, soft non-woven fabric surface layer, and 360° embracing waist design, and the size can be selected according to personal waist and hip circumference to make the product fit and comfor...
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  • Advance Notice: Newclears Alibaba Live Stream on 27th Oct.
    Advance Notice: Newclears Alibaba Live Stream on 27th Oct. Oct 18,2021
    As the live streams of last month have gotten many positive feedbacks our company decides to keep this activity, once in a month. The newest live will be held on 27th Oct, then is next Wednesday,8pm in Beijing time, topic is about new trending products for whole world, eco friendly organic bamboo baby diapers and wet wipes. During the live our staffs Anna and Amy will introduce you with the advantages and detailed information of bamboo tape baby diaper, bamboo baby pull up pants and bamboo wet wipes, such as biodegradable components, structure, absorbency performance,customized service.If you are not clear for any detail while doesn’t be mentioned, please feel free to ask question online and it would be answered right away. Still set up coupons for the following live stream.Please don't miss it! You can chat with us or send secret code to get coupons provided during our live only. More details could visit our Alibaba shop: https://newclears.en.alibaba.com/ There are another different series products waiting for you on our Alibaba website, including adult diaper, adult pull up pants, incontinence care under pad, pet pad and compressed towel. Look forward to having more friends to participate!
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