OEM Wet Wipes

Professional China manufacture private lable daily baby wet wipe

Our wipes are made of soft non-woven fiber,Aloe or non-frangrance, No alcohol, no chemical, OR degree pure water, sterile and free of impurities We can produce the wet wipes under your brand.

Wet wipes
Style plain style cross style pearl style
Pictures Ref. zxc zxc zxc
Weight Can be customized
OEM style, weight, package.

The structure of disposable wet wipes:


You only pay an affordable OEM fee for the first order, you will have a unique wipes with your brand. What can you customized on a wipes?

What can you customize on a wet wipe.

baby wet wipes (3)

The disposable wipes can be 3 size or customized


If you have more idea or request, please share with us

Let us design a unique package with your brand and idea!

Professional free design to meet your expectation, please see the following example