Growing Consumer Demand For Sustainable Packaging

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In recent years more and more people are willing to do more effort to minimize environmental impact. According to market research of GlobalWebIndex that 42% of U.S. and UK consumers seek out goods that are recyclable or using sustainable materials when making day-to-day purchases.

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Also consumers tend to pay more for products and services from sustainable sources which encourages suppliers to take more eco-actions, a beneficent cycle. Eco-conscious subscribers care about sustainable packing because they are concerned about the environment, and they’re willing to show support to such companies that share this concern. In USA 61% of the common people want to support corporations that protect the earth. In UK 56% of general public want to support eco-friendly enterprises. This, coupled with their awareness of their role in the supply chain, means they are willing to switch to support their values.

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Value the environment is our company’s principle as well and at the same time could meet consumers’ sustainability goals without compromising their commitment to other aspects, so we have already developed bamboo baby diaper, bamboo wet wipes and cotton compressed towel with durable, affordable, compostable,sustainable packaging solutions.

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Post time: Feb-07-2023